Welcome to Batton Hollow Winery

If you love great wine, look no further than Batton Hollow Winery.  Located in Lost Creek, WV.

We offer a Wide Variety of locally made fine wines, certain to please any taste.  

We welcome you to stop by and sample our delicious selection. 


—  WINEs  —

We strive to provide premium wines and top-notch service at affordable prices. 
Our customers are discerning wine lovers, and your satisfaction is our greatest priority. 



We are proud to offer seasonal wines corresponding to each season throughout the year. 

Our Spring Wine, called Primavera (the Italian word for Spring) will be released in early February each year. 

Our Summer offering is called Summer Breeze. It was immensely popular last year and will be back this year around the end of May.  It is a sweet white wine made with Vidal Blanc grape. Kick back and relaxes you enjoy this refreshing glass of summertime.

Autumn Glory is our Fall offering.  It is a sweet, red, spiced wine.  It is delicious served either at room temperature or warmed up like a mulled wine.

Winter White comes out in November each year and barely makes it through the holidays.  Try it this year!